Return to Play

UPDATE OCTOBER 1, 2020: Effective today, October 1, 2020 new provincial guidelines will become effective for gathering limits and sports. See an outline of the COVID guidelines when using a HRM outdoor facility.

To ensure the safety of ourselves, our families, and our community, and to ensure we do our part in meeting public health’s goals of preserving our healthcare system and our public health system during the pandemic all members, coaches, volunteers, participants and parents must comply with all protocols to participate.

Player Protocols

Below are the protocols/responsibilities for players to follow. These will be updated and players should always be aware of any changes (last updated July 21, 2020)

Change log:

July 21 – Added link to video page and World Rugby Cert.

Getting Started:

  • Evaluate personal/family risk and decide when it is appropriate for you to return to play
    • At-risk populations include anyone with compromised immune systems, older individuals (>65), those with co-existing medical conditions including, but not limited to: diabetes, cardiac disease, severe asthma, chronic lung conditions and autoimmune diseases.
  • Register with the club
  • Sign and send us the club indemnification waiver
  • Stay Informed –
    • Review recent communications sent by the club. Updates will be sent via:
      • Text,
      • Facebook Messenger
      • Email and
      • Posted to the website
    • Follow updates by Public Heath

Before Practice:

  • Participate in a brief weekly video conference to:
    • review the previous week,
    • provide updates related to COVID-19 protocols and
    • establish the training plan for the following week.
    • Athletes are requested to participate in the meeting (held via Zoom) or at minimum review the summary posted to Youtube if unable to attend.
  • Complete screen/attestation/waiver the day of practice.
    • We recommend you book mark this on your mobile device to simplify the process
  • Fill and bring your own water bottle, sharing is strictly prohibited.

Arriving to Practice:

  • Arrive safely, promptly, and ready to start. There will not be any changing facilities available.
  • Respect social distancing measures, upon arrival head straight over to your designated training space.
  • Sanitize your hands with the club provided hand sanitizer.

During Practice:

  • Stay within your specified training area, do not mingle with individuals who are not a part of your ten person close-contact group.
  • Only use equipment that has been assigned to your group. This includes balls, ball pumps, kicking tees, and flags.
  • If flags are used they will be assigned to a group and sanitized before/after session.